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It is my belief that cooking really comes down to three basic things: Ingredients, Techniques & Seasoning. The range and different combinations of the three seem almost endless...and it is this creative blend that will set your cooking apart.
After being a restaurant owner and chef of a scratch kitchen, I can tell you that consistency is the name of the game. I took my love quest for spices and spice blends and used them in my own restaurant by pre-blending our burger seasoning, poultry brine & blackening seasoning. This was my simple solution to staying consistent as far as the seasoning goes. Soon I became interested in the the whole process of spice creation and blending from the original harvest of the plant to the dried form that becomes its own stand alone spice powder or part of a blend. It was a segment of food and beverage I had taken for granted and never really explored on my own. It was during the restaurant shutdown - when so many were cooking at home (and I was going a little crazy) - the Bird Dog Spice Blend Company was born.

I look forward to creating more blends while sharing recipes, tricks and tips with all of the great food loving people of this world.

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